Election and promotion Professors of faculty members and establishment and renewal of Tenured Assistant is carried out by eleven-member or fifteen-member Electors, according to the number of Professors and Lecturers of each Department.

The electing committee is created after candidacy submission dates have passed.

The members of the Electors are selected from the Department’s Registries, according to the Assembly’s decision. In the case of eleven-member electing committees, at least six members should must belong to the Registry of External Members, whereas in the case of fifteen-member electing committees at least eight members must belong to the Registry of External Members. The rest Electors have to belong to the Registry of Internal Members. The Internal and External Electors are substituted by an equal number of Internal and External members. The Department’s Assembly is in charge of the formation of the electing committee with the agreement of the Deanery. Regular and alternate Electors are appointed and published by decision of the dean.

The Electors set the three-member evaluation committee, in which at least one member must belong to the Department’s Registry of External Members. The evaluation committee is obliged to compose a Committee proposal, which aims to evaluate the candidate’s research output. In the context of this research output, the evaluation committee may ask for reference letters for each candidate from foreign professors or researchers of the same or relevant discipline to the position’s one.

The Electors select the most appropriate candidate and a runner up. Appropriately substantiated proceedings are drawn up and forwarded to the Rector for examination of legality. The nomination takes place by act of the Rector within two months.

The procedure of election/promotion/establishment is completed within the time limits stated in the Institution’s Organization.

Organisation, inspection and publication of the procedures of election/promotion/establishment of institutional professors, as well as submission of candidacies, are necessarily carried out via the electronic system of complete management APELLA, through which every Institution/Department compiles and maintains both Registries of Internal and External members.