A candidate will be able to express interest in positions of specific Thematic Areas to be announced by specific Faculties, and will receive a notification e-mail by the system as soon as these new positions are officially announced. During the submission of each candidacy, a snapshot of the candidate’s current profile will be submitted to the respective Faculty.

The candidate will also be able to insert his self evaluation with reference to the specific position, up to five days before the Electors convocation date.

Candidates are allowed to upload complementary documents until the Nomination proceedings’ file has been uploaded. Electors, evaluating committee as well as the Institution’s Administrator and Secretary will be notified when an upload of the kind is made.

The candidate must send in the original supporting documents for his file only if elected for a specific position, so that examination of legality is conducted by the Institution’s Rector.

The candidate will be able to withdraw his candidacy for the specific position at any time until the day before the Electors convocation date.