Domestic Professors/Researchers

Domestic full, associate and assistant professors who already had access to the old APELLA platform through a login hyperlink, have received an e-mail from the system that contains information on their login method to the new APELLA platform.

Given that the professor’s academic Institution has completed the procedures that are required for the connection of Faculty members, through the Authentication Authorization Infrastructure (AAI), the professor will be able to access the system using the credentials he/she has received by his/her Institution. If a professor’s information has not been registered in the Institution’s catalogue, the professor will have to contact the Institution’s Network Center so that his/her account is created.

The domestic research director/principal researcher/affiliated researcher whose institution does use the Authentication Authorization Infrastructure (AAI) and belong to GRNET federation will be able to register in the information system himself/herself, using the credentials the Research Center has provided him/her with.

Once registration and authentication procedures have been completed, professors/researchers can be selected by the Institutions’ Administrators, while registries of internal and external members are being organized; at the same time, they will be able to access, through their account, information regarding the announced positions, for which they have been selected as Electors or members of the evaluation committee. They will also be able to submit a candidacy with respect to their election/promotion/establishment, by simply providing the complementary information that is required, and not having to create a distinct candidate’s profile.

Domestic researchers rank A’, B’ or C’ of a research center that does not belong to GRNET federation, who did not have an account on the old APELLA platform can register on the new APELLA platform.